Soothing relief for dry tickly coughs



Some cough medicines are not suitable for young babies. Please read ingredients list carefully.

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Your baby, as young as three months old, has a dry 'tickly' cough.

Possible Causes:

The most common cause is an upper respiratory tract infection. Common colds are usually viral but more serious infections may be bacterial.

Product Description:

Tixylix Baby Syrup has been formulated to soothe and relieve the symptoms of dry tickly coughs. The syrup has a blackcurrant flavour making it easier for your child to take the medicine. The medicine also comes with a measuring spoon for easy dosage control.

Contains: Glycerol. Always read the label.

Sugar Free Colour Free

Helping Your Child:

You can help by keeping your child warm, giving plenty of fluids and making sure the bedroom is well ventilated.

If you are not sure about anything, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Read dosage instructions carefully.